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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cam Cover with Integrated Variable-Valve Timing

This is the first time that a plastic surface has been used for a cam variable-valve timing cover.  Holding a positional tolerance of 0.5 mm and required to pass 100% inspection, the application required development of a special workstation with laser and optical measurement tools to verify dimensional compliance.  High-flow 35%-glass-reinforced PA 6/6 was injection molded for this application and replaced machined die-cast aluminum while saving 2,200 g and 25% direct material costs.

Chrysler Group LLC
2011 Jeep Cherokee
System Supplier
Bruss NA
Material Processor
Bruss NA
Material Supplier
BASF Corp.
Ultramid A3WG7 HP BK20560 PA66 35% GF
Tooling/Equipment Supplier
Active Burgess 

For More Information See: http://www.plastics-car.com/Todays-Automobiles/Car-Engine-Components

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