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Monday, December 2, 2013

Exposed-Weave Carbon Composite Engine X-Brace

This structurally critical component part was produced with stamped and forged aluminum. The drop-in autoclave-cured carbon fiber-reinforced composite replacement is 50% lighter but meets all stiffness requirements. Individual layup zones with discrete laminate orientations and thicknesses were used to take full advantage of the unidirectional prepreg's anisotropic material properties to maximize stiffness/weight. Parts are bonded via a structural urethane adhesive. Passivated stainless-steel bushings allow the composite part to be joined to steel mounts. An exposed-weave finish compliments the same finish found on the underside of the hood. All design, development, prototyping, and validation work was completed within 36 weeks.

Chrysler Group LLC
2014 SRT Viper
System Supplier
Plasan Carbon Composites
Material Processor
Plasan Carbon Composites
Material Supplier
Toray Composites America
G83C CFRP/Epoxy prepreg
Tooling/Equipment Supplier
Paragon D&E 

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