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Monday, December 2, 2013

Smart Foil Door-Trim Technology

This innovative door trim technology offers improved performance at lower cost than conventional in-mold grained, interior trim components while reducing weight 5%, direct costs 7%, and indirect costs 3%. Thanks to a special TPO material specifically developed for this application and a proprietary in-mold process technology (where a skin is inserted into an injection mold before the tool is shut and a substrate is injected behind to create the trim panel), the need for adhesive and a secondary process step and fixture are eliminated. Further, this Smart Foil technology eliminates any issue with projectiles during low-temperature side-impact events. The result is a door-trim skin/foil that offers lower abrasion and less scratch & mar, resulting in improved customer satisfaction while also lowering VOC emissions (by eliminating adhesive) as well as costs and weight.
General Motors Co.
2014 Corvette sports car
System Supplier
International Automotive Components Group
Material Processor
International Automotive Components Group
Material Supplier
Advanced Composites, Inc & CGT
Tooling/Equipment Supplier
Hi-Tech Mold & Engr., Inc. 


  1. Is there a contact number for the SMARTFOIL? Would this be Advanced? Or CGT?

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