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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Illuminated Beverage-Holder Assembly

This patented and package-friendly application takes advantage of the optical transparency of PMMA and geometrically mirrored surfaces to move light in an innovative and efficient manner upward from the bottom of the cupholder via a single cup-plate component. By eliminating a 2-shot illuminated ring sitting on the side of the cupholder, glare is avoided, scrap-rate is reduced, and there is no need for a special press and tooling, helping reduce costs.

Ford Motor Co.
2015 Lincoln MKC & MKX
System Supplier
Pacific Insight Electronics Corp.
Material Processor
Blue Star Inc.
Tooling/Equipment Supplier
Blue Star Inc. 

For More Information See: http://www.plastics-car.com/Todays-Automobiles/Auto-Interior/Auto-Upholstery.html?css=print

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