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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Latching Refueling Valve

This challenging new design demanded a unique material with consistent properties after prolonged exposure to fuels, superior wear characteristics, a stable coefficient of friction over a wide temperature range, superior fuel swell and exposure resistance, and superior molding capabilities to properly fill tight-tolerance micro-features. An injection molded 30% GR-PPA with PTFE micro-powder (to enhance wear characteristics) met all requirements. The application saved over $10 USD/vehicle and reduced energy consumption vs. the previous valve. The novel technology has led to 1 issued and 7 pending patents.

Ford Motor Co.
2017 Ford Fusion & Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Electric
System Supplier
Continental Automotive
Material Processor
   Advanced Molding Tech - USA
Material Supplier
DuPont Automotive
Zytel HTNWRF51G30 PPA 30% glass
Tooling/Equipment Supplier
GBMC Luxshare 


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