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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Living-Hinge Cup Holder Adjustment Features

Cup holders are a focal point for customer critiques of vehicle interiors. Further, they must accommodate a wide range of container sizes without tipping during normal driving conditions. Incorporation of a living hinge (achieved via molded-in "fingers" and a flexible silicone-rubber band) in this cup holder design made it adjustable to accommodate many containers while reducing 10 parts to 3 with no secondary heat-stake operations. Furthermore, the design reduces part costs ≈ $1.50 USD/assembly, lowers tooling expenditure ≈ $100,000 USD, yet delivers equivalent appearance and performance.

Ford Motor Co.
2017 Ford Super Duty
System Supplier
Summit Polymers, Inc.
Material Processor
  Summit Polymers, Inc.
Material Supplier
Advance Composites, Inc.

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