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Thursday, February 16, 2017

PVC Vent Tube

Increased temperatures due to engine downsizing and turbo boosting required the development of a new material with thermal performance to 175C for the crankcase ventilation tube. Additionally, the team wanted to eliminate metal and rubber parts but retain the flexibility to use quick connectors to the engine during final assembly. A flexible alloy based on unreinforced, impact modified PPS was selected. Parts are formed by reactive extrusion followed by thermoforming at 190C for 25 minutes. They are 50% lighter than. metal and save $3/part. They also offer better temperature and resistance than previous PA 6 tubes.

General Motors Co.
2016 LGE Platform
System Supplier
Chinaust Group
Material Processor
   Chinaust Group
Material Supplier
Celanese Corp.
Fortron FX75T1 PPS

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