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Monday, March 5, 2018

All Plastic Hood Leveler

This industry first all plastic hood leveler helps to manage pedestrian hood/ head impact to reduce head trauma. It features a light weight design, OEM snap-in quick assembly, preset and adjustable height, and is recyclable. A 50% weight savings and a 35% cost savings is estimated compared to current steel/plastic/rubber hood levelers. The snap-in base is Acetal for a strong snap feature and no squeak against the Nylon post. The threaded post is nylon for strength and low moisture dimensional influence. The over-molded bumper is TPE for no squeak on the inner hood and additional energy management. The interaction of the three chosen polymers allow for required use of their individual properties and also the collaborative energy management response as they work together to help reduce head impact trauma from beneath the hood inner upon a low speed pedestrian contact.

Ford Motor Company
2018 Lincoln Navigator
System Supplier
MacLean-Fogg, Engineered Plastic
Components, Inc.
Material Processor
   MacLean-Fogg, Engineered Plastic
Components, Inc
Material Supplier
DuPont Automotive, ExxonMobil
Zytel 70G33 PA66, Delrin 100 POM,
Santoprene SA60 TPE
Tooling/Equipment Supplier
Elite Tool & Die

For More Information See: http://www.plastics-car.com/Tomorrows-Automobiles/Automobile-Designs-of-the-Future?css=print

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