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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Engine Bracket

Utilization of a 50% glass reinforced polyamide for engine brackets enabled improved NVH in the powertrain. An innovative injection molding tooling concept with 1 +1 tooling (including hot runner and pressure transducer for continuous process control for both the left and right side bracket) was developed for production. This is the first time two cavity tooling with a hot runner system plus two pressure transducers for each cavity, enabling the continuous monitoring of the process, have been utilized. A cost savings of, up to 20% compared to metal brackets and up to 15% compared to aluminum brackets, was achieved.

Daimler AG
2017 E-Klasse Coupé
System Supplier
Material Processor
Material Supplier
Dupont Automotive
Zytel 70G50 HSLA PA 66 GF50
Tooling/Equipment Supplier

For More Information See: http://www.plastics-car.com/Resources/Brochures

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