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Monday, December 2, 2013

Bumper Energy Absorber

Globally, this is the first single-piece front bumper energy absorber (EA) that simultaneously meets the conflicting requirements of both Part 581 bumper damageability (which tends to require a stiff EA) and Pedestrian Protection GTR lower-leg impact (which tends to require a soft EA).  By developing a common EA that meets both sets of requirements and is tunable, the need for different EAs, bumper beams, and bumper fascias in different geographies with different impact requirements is eliminated. The injection molded PC/PBT blend offers excellent energy absorption properties during deformation (up to 100% strain) while retaining its structural integrity from -30 to 60C.  The patent-pending system reduces complexity in design, manufacturing, and assembly, plus improves pedestrian safety while also lowers replacement costs during low-speed impacts.  It is 40% lighter and 10% less expensive than steel EAs and 20% lighter than thicker PP EAs at comparable costs.

Ford Motor Co.
2013 Fusion midsize sedan & Mondeo sedan
System Supplier
Magna Exteriors & Interiors
Material Processor
Magna Exteriors & Interiors
Material Supplier

 For More Information See: http://www.plastics-car.com/bumpers?css=print

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