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Monday, December 2, 2013

Lithium-Ion Battery Pack

The innovative design of this EV battery-pack system allowed for maximum energy density through a structural thinwall design and use of a space-saving passive air-cooling approach. This leads to greater battery-module package density by increasing battery cell count/pack, which in turn provides greater EV battery capacity and electric driving range. Safe passive cooling improved long-term durability of the battery, eliminated leak paths (associated with liquid-cooling approaches), and reduced cost ($500 USD/vehicle) and weight (15-20%) vs. forced-air or active liquid-cooled batteries. Conductive adhesive efficiently transfers heat from the battery to metal walls of each module. Pouches and adhesives are overmolded and supported by dimensionally precise spacers and holders injection molded from ULÒ94 V-0 compliant, neat M-PPE, whose precise tolerances and snap-fit designs allow for automated process assembly. Halogen-free flame retardance helps improve passenger safety, complement the environmental benefits of BEVs.

Nissan Motor Co.
2013 LEAF EV
System Supplier
Automotive Energy Supply Corporation (AESC)
Material Processor
Piolax Corp.
Material Supplier

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