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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Active Fuel-Management System

To boost fuel efficiency and reduce emissions on classic small-block pushrod V8 engines, an inexpensive and simple technology called active fuel management (displacement on demand) was developed. The efficient and precise electro-mechanical hydraulic system deactivates cylinder valves when power is not needed, then reactivates them when power is called for again. An important component of the system's solenoid control valves is injection molded, 30% GR-PEI, used for its high stiffness, creep resistance, thermal and chemical resistance, high knitline strength, and ability to be ultrasonically welded. The system improves fuel efficiency 5.5-7.5% and reduces cost 30% vs. metal.

General Motors Co.
2012 5.3L V8 LH6 Engine
System Supplier
Eaton Corp. Plc.
Material Processor
   ITW Global Automotive
Material Supplier

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