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Thursday, February 16, 2017

2.0L GTDI Turbo Compressor Outlet Duct

To meet more stringent fuel efficiency and tailpipe emissions requirements, engines increasingly are being downsized and turbocharged, but that raises temperatures and pressures that underhood components see during operation. For example, charge air ducts, which take air from the turbocharger to the throttle body, can see continuous-use temps as high as 220C and pressures as high as 207 KPa. Further, compact packaging space requires efficient designs. Switching to a heat-stabilized PA 6/6 capable of being 3D flashless blow molded reduced mass 30-40% and cost 20-25% vs. metallic designs.

2017 Alpha Romeo Grigorio
System Supplier
ABC Group, Inc.
Material Processor
   ABC Group, Inc.
Material Supplier
BASF Corp.
Ultramid Endure D5G3 BM PA
Tooling/Equipment Supplier
ABC Group, Inc. 

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