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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Electronic Power-Steering Pulley

Project goals were to find ways to reduce cost without reducing performance of the electric power-steering gear-assist mechanism by replacing a powdered metal pulley with an injection molded plastic one. A high-flow grade of 60% GR-PA 4/6 that produces a resin-rich surface for improved belt wear was selected. It offers significant cost savings and reduces mass over 50% vs. the metal pulley. Its assembly method eliminates 3 bolts, which are replaced by a retaining ring. The molded torque tooth provides secure orientation and excellent load-carrying capabilities.

General Motors Co.
2017 GMC Acadia
System Supplier
Nexteer Automotive
Material Processor
   PRISM Plastics
Material Supplier
DSM Engineering Plastics
Stanyl TW241F12 PA46

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