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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Strut Mount

This is the first use of a glass-reinforced PA material for strut-mount housings on all 4 corners of a vehicle and the first application of polyamide housings on the front and rear suspension systems. The injection molded parts integrate common components for both front and rear mounts, and employ a special thread assembly method with a locking feature.  They reduce mass 30% vs. typical steel and aluminum parts and reduce noise transmission through the suspension system. Thanks to modular assembly, the design also offers greater tuning flexibility.

General Motors Co.
2016 Cadillac CT6
System Supplier
ContiTech North America, Inc.
Material Processor
   ContiTech North America, Inc.
Material Supplier
BASF Corp.
Ultramid A3WG10CR PA66 GF 50

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