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Monday, December 2, 2013

All-Olefinic Liftgate

This liftgate is unique in that all materials are fully olefinic (hence, fully recycleable at end of vehicle life) and it features North America's first TPO outer panel.  The full assembly features unique styling vs. conventional stamped steel and is 30% lighter than comparable steel systems, improving fuel efficiency (by 10%). Lower weight also improves CO2 emissions and customer usage, since less effort is required to open/close a lighter liftgate.  Thanks to parts integration, low scrap, and reuse of offal possible with injection-molded thermoplastics, raw-material costs on the outer panel were reduced 35% vs SMC. Use of a high-flow, high-stiffness, high-impact TPO formulation reduced molding cycles vs. SMC and traditional TPO compounds for the painted Class A outer panel.  Use of MIC color LGF-PP met mechanical requirements and eliminated paint on the Class A inner panel, reducing VOC emissions. Both panels were joined via a structural adhesive for which they were formulated to have an affinity.

Nissan Motor Co.
2014 Rogue CUV
System Supplier
Hitachi Chemical
Material Processor
Material Supplier
Advanced Composites, Inc.
Hifax 1175P TYC
Mostran L5091-P PP
Tooling/Equipment Supplier
Kyowa Industrial Co., Ltd. 

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