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Monday, December 2, 2013

Fully Retractable Panoramic Roof System

A stronger, tear-resistant PET film was developed to enable this retractable glass roof to meet all strength, NVH, and performance requirement with thinner, lighter, high-strength fully tempered glass, achieving a 30% weight reduction .  Unique plastic fasteners and retainers ere used in place of steel clips for cost and weight reduction.  Hard-coated polycarbonate trim panels replaced acrylic for improved scratch / mar performance and improved dimensional stability. A proprietary extrusion process and a unique 3D laminating process was developed to produce this assembly without air bubbles. A composite outer panel offers improved strength and NVH performance at comparable costs but 20% lower weight and a hardware savings of $1 USD/vehicle.

Ford Motor Co.
2014 Lincoln MKZ luxury sedan
System Supplier
Material Processor
Cooper-Standard Automotive, Inc. & A Raymond
Material Supplier
SABIC & Celanese
Lexan 143 PC
Hostaform S9363 POM
Tooling/Equipment Supplier
Delta Tooling Co. & Elite Plastic Products Inc. 
For More Information See: http://www.plastics-car.com/autoglass

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