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Monday, December 21, 2015

Overmolded Chain Snubber with Integral Baffle

This application represents the first time that chain-noise reduction (snubbing) and fluid-sealing functions have been integrated into a single compact component with 2 thermoplastic materials for a soft/hard combination. It also is the first time that a snubber has been used on the coast side of the sprockets, and the first time "stitching features" have been used to mechanically attach 2 materials in little space to meet packaging constraints. The PA 4/6 material was selected for its outstanding wear resistance. The final component was 31% lighter than the previous system, while meeting stringent noise requirements of the EV.

General Motors Co.
2016 Chevrolet Volt
System Supplier
GM Powertrain
Material Processor
Parker Hannifin Chomerics Div.
Material Supplier
DSM Engineering Plastics
DuPont Automotive
Stanyl TW341 PA46
Hytrel 7246 TPC-ET
Tooling/Equipment Supplier
Advanced Tool & Mold Inc. 

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